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Fermentation / Storing

At the beginning of fermetation a defined amount of yeast is added to the wort and oxygenated. Afterward, fermentation starts with an optimal temperature for the yeast. Before the beer is stored, the yeast is harvested. Then the young beer is stored for a defined time at a defined temperature.

Reliably determining CO2 top pressure with the JUMO DELOS SI pressure transmitter

Fermentation produces carbon dioxide, which collects in the top of the tank and is removed to a CO2 recovery plant above a certain pressure. Our JUMO DELOS SI electronic pressure transmitter with display and hygienic process connection provides ideal support for this process.

Precise Monitoring of Cooling Zones with the JUMO cTRON Process Controller

There are several cooling zones in the CCV (cylindro-conical vessel) with different temperatures to ensure that the “green” beer is agitated during the storing phase. JUMO cTRON perfectly controls the exact temperature of individual cooling zones involved in this task, thereby ensuring the quality of the beer.