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To remove the hot cooler sludge, the wort is tangentially pumped into the whirlpool. The rotating flow that is produced moves the sludge to the middle of the whirlpool in a cone-shaped mass. The duration of the break is about 20-30 minutes. To ensure that the wort retains its quality properties, the thermal load of the wort should be kept as low as possible.


Temperature control in the whirlpool with JUMO Dtrans T100

You can control the temperature of the wort exactly with the JUMO Dtrans T100 and a digital display device. The values in the display provide continuous reliable control and an alarm message is generated if the temperature is too high. What about more complex control tasks? We also have a diverse range of products available to suit your application, extending from simple compact controllers to high-quality multi-functional program controllers. We have developed temperature sensors with hygienic process connections which will also work reliably in your process after cleaning.