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Pasteurizing / Heat treatment

Pasteurization is a form of food preservation. Especially in the dairy industry, this is a common method for preservation. During pasteurization, the product is exposed a defined period to a specified temperature to kill the bacteria. Another form of preservation, in dairies, for example, is the ultra high temperature treatment. In principle, this method is similar to pasteurization, it will be applied much higher temperatures.

Temperature monitoring during pasteurization with JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt

The JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt in a stainless steel housing is eminently suitable for recording the temperature during pasteurization. The instrument meets the requirements of the Milk Directive and the guidelines laid down by the Heating Committee with regard to measurement, control and safety equipment for milk heating systems. The high enclosure protection provided by the stainless steel housing of the JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt is also convincing. It meets the hygiene requirements of the food industry and at the same time, is resistant to aggressive cleaning agents.