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With germination the breathing and the growth of the barley is increasing. This two processes results in a degradation of the starch in the grain. To stop the growth of the grain and the degradation of the starch, the barley is dryed in the kilning. The goal is it to dry the barley as far as all life functions are stopped and receive the build enzyme potential.


Optimum temperature control in the malt kiln

During kilning, the malt is dried until it is stable for storing. Constant temperature control is extremely important as this is the only way to ensure that the malt is completely dried through and does not burn, which would destroy the enzymes in the malt. The sections are controlled by the JUMO IMAGO 500 multi-channel process and program controller. It controls the dampers in relation to the temperature above the rack. It also adjusts the ratio of fresh air to circulating air, thereby ensuring optimum drying. You can record the vacuum as an additional measurement value with the JUMO dTRANS p30 to verify the seal of the heat exchanger. This will prevent burner exhaust gas from getting into the product.