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JUMO Quantrol - Compact Controller (702030)


  • 48 × 48 mm, 48 × 96 mm, 96 × 96 mm formats
  • Two-state/three-state, continuous controller
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Up to 5 outputs
  • Autotuning for exact PID control
  • Manual/automatic mode
  • Configurable limit value monitoring (alarms)
  • Setpoint changeover
  • Level inhibit and keyboard lock
  • RS485 interface (Modbus RTU)
  • Ramp and timer function
  • Firing curve for pottery kilns
  • Push-in controller insert
  • Setup interface (USB Mini-B)


The Quantrol series is available in the three DIN formats 48 × 48 mm, 48 × 96 mm, and 96 × 96 mm. It is used for two-state and three-state control applications as well as for the control of regulating valves or thyristor power controllers via a continuous controller output.

The universal analog input for RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, or current/voltage signals is user programmable. The setpoint value, the actual value, and all parameters are displayed on two seven-segment LED displays (red/green) with one or two decimal place(s). The values can be displayed in °C or °F. Depending on the format, up to five relay outputs with a switching capacity of 3 A, 230 V or up to four logic outputs 0/14 V are available. The switch position of the relays or logic outputs is displayed using yellow LEDs. Different functions can be assigned to these outputs. An analog output 0 to 10 V or 0(4) to 20 mA is configurable as continuous controller output, actual value output, or setpoint value output. Using the binary input, the device settings and operation can be locked, a ramp or timer can be activated, or self-optimization can be initiated. The supply voltage is either AC 110 to  240 V or AC/DC 20 to 30 V.

The controller has a ramp function with adjustable gradient for constant setpoint change. In addition, a special firing curve for small pottery kilns can be used which allows controlled starting and time dependent firing. The user can enter setpoint values, gradient, and firing time directly at the device.

The device can be connected to host systems or devices using the RS485 serial interface. Instead of operating the device from the front, the user can also program the controller using the setup program and USB interface; this requires no additional voltage supply for the controller. The Quantrol series, like all JUMO controllers, is also equipped with reliable JUMO autotuning.

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Setup JUMO Quantrol 702030

Download  322.exe (Free version)  (84.4 MB)

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Accessory articles

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USB cable, A-connector to Mini-B connector, length 3 m price on request
stainless steel housing for AQUIS touch P (202791) price on request
Rail-mounting case 2FGE-125-2/125 Feldgehaeuse price on request
mounting bracket for DIN-rail 48mm x 48mm price on request
mounting bracket for DIN-rail 48mm x 96mm price on request

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