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JUMO cTRON - Compact controller (702070)


  • Formats 48x48, 48x96, 96x96mm
  • Universal measuring input
  • One binary input
  • Up to four switching outputs, one analog output
  • Modbus interface
  • Two/three-state controller, three-state modulating and continuous controller
  • Timer, ramp function
  • Programmable user level and function key
  • 2 limit value monitoring functions
  • Self-optimization
  • Service counter
  • Configuration through keyboard or setup program


Control of temperatures, pressures and other process variables.


The controller series comprises three freely configurable, universally usable compact controllers in various DIN formats to control temperature, pressure and other process variables.
Its main applications are heat cabinets, temperature control and cooling systems, drying and deep freezing systems, laboratory furnaces and sterilizers in the foodstuff, plastics processing and packaging industries.
In all design versions, a red and a green 7-segment LED display are used to display process variables and parameters. In addition, the devices are equipped with seven light-emitting diodes to show switching positions, manual mode, ramp function and timer mode. Operation and configuration are made with front-fitted keys.
Depending on the hardware design, the devices can be used as two-stage controllers, three-stage controllers, three-stage modulating controllers or continuous controllers. The basic version includes a self-optimizing function, a ramp function with adjustable gradient, manual mode, mains-ON delay, two limit comparators, extensive timer functions as well as a service counter.
Each device comes with a universal measuring input for RTD temperature probe, thermocouple and standard signals (current, voltage); the linearizations of more than 20 measured value transducers are stored. All types are equipped with a maximum of two binary inputs, one logic output and two relay outputs. In addition, each type can be supplied with a third relay output or an analog output as an option.
As standard, a setup interface is available to allow configuration with the setup program (option). An optional RS485 interface permits integration of the devices in a data network (Modbus).
The device is electrically connected at the rear by means of screw terminals (push-in terminal strips).

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