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JUMO IMAGO 500 – Multichannel Process Controller and Program Controller (703590)


  • 144 × 130 mm format (installation dimensions 92 × 92 mm)
  • 5" color screen
  • Two-state controller, three-state controller, three-step controller, position controller, continuous controller
  • Control of C-level, differential, ratio, and humidity
  • 8 control channels (4 cascade controllers)
  • Inputs and outputs can be expanded in a modular structure
  • Extendable by 2 relay modules (8 relays each)
  • Modbus and PROFIBUS DP interface
  • User configurable screen masks
  • 50 programs with 100 sections and real time clock
  • 16 control contacts
  • Math and logic functions
  • 16 limit value monitoring functions 
  • Recording function
  • Teleservice through external modem
  • Configuration with setup program


  • Control of temperatures, pressures, and other process variables according to setpoint value profiles. For example:

    Climate chambers
    Annealing furnaces
    Hardening furnaces
    Cooking chambers


The JUMO IMAGO 500 is a process and program controller with up to 8 controller channels or 4 program channels. The device format is 144 × 130 mm for a DIN panel cut-out of 92 × 92 mm and a mounting depth of 170 mm.The display is a 5" color monitor with 27 colors. The user interface masks can be designed and adapted according to individual preferences. With 2 user configurable screen masks the user can place text, process values, background images, and icons as they see fit. A maximum of 8 analog inputs and 6 binary inputs as well as 6 slots for switching outputs or analog outputs are available (4 of them can be used as either analog inputs or outputs). A setup program is available for the easy-to-use configuration on a PC. The linearizations of the common measuring probes are stored; 4 customer-specific linearization tables can be programmed. A math and logic module can be used to adapt the device to the most diverse control operations. The device can be integrated into a data network via 2 serial interfaces RS422/485 or PROFIBUS DP. The user can easily retrofit modules (see the above block diagram). The electrical connection is made at the back with pluggable screw terminals.

Operating Manual
eLearning Course (explanation video about the product)
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[de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Höhere Anlagensicherheit in der Pharmaindustrie ... [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Anwendung der Mathematik- und Logikfunktion in J... [de] Anbindung von JUMO-Gerätetechnik an ETHERNET und RS-Schnittstellen [de] Anbindung von JUMO dTRON 300 an JUMO SVS3000 [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Kalibrierung von Sensoren in der Lebensmittelind... [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Prozessbilderstellung am Beispiel des JUMO DICON... [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Effizienzsteigerung durch sichere Nutzung der Se... [de] PC-Auswerte-Software PCA3000 [de] Formularfunktion der PCA3000 [de] PCA-Kommunikations-Software PCC [de] JUMO-Konfigurationsprogramme [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Konfiguration der Reglerfunktion für stetige- un... [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Konfiguration der Reglerfunktion für Dreipunkt-,... [de] Inbetriebnahme von Regelkreisen mit dem JUMO diraTRON [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Anwendung der Kaskadenregelung

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Article number Product description Price of the full version

setup/editor/teleservice+startup IMAGO 500 703590

Download  162.exe (30 days Test Version)  (15.3 MB)

additional information
price on request

program editor JUMO IMAGO 500 703590

Download  162.exe (30 days Test Version)  (15.3 MB)

additional information
price on request

Setup/program+editor/startup IMAGO 500 703590

Download  162.exe (30 days Test Version)  (15.3 MB)

additional information
price on request

PCA3000/PCC JUMO SW-package 709701/02

Download  177_178u.exe (30 days Test Version)  (178.7 MB)

additional information
price on request

GSD-Generator JUMO 144.01.xx/1.xx

Download  144.exe (Free version)  (8.4 MB)

additional information

Accessory articles

Article number Product description Price / piece
PC interface with converter USB/TTL price on request
703564/1-23 ER8 3A/250V price on request
703564/1-22 ER8 relay module 3A/250V, 20..53V price on request
703564/2-23 EL8 logic module 12V/20mA, 110..240V price on request
703564/2-22 EL8 logic module 12V/20mA, 20..53V price on request
License automatic print PCA3000 price on request
703590-8-0 (analog input) price on request
703590-0-1 (relay (changeover)) price on request
703590-0-2 (solid-state relay 230V/1A) price on request
703590-0-3 (2 relays (make contacts)) price on request
703590-0-4 (logic output 0/22V 30mA) price on request
703590-0-5 (analog output) price on request
703590-0-6 (supply voltage 22V/30mA) price on request
703590-0-7 (2 logic outputs 0/14V) price on request
703590-0-54 (interface RS422/485) price on request
703590-0-64 (interface PROFIBUS-DP) price on request
703590-4 (release controller channel 3+4) price on request
703590-8 (release controller channel 5-8) price on request
703590-212 (release C-level control) price on request
703590-213 (release recording function) price on request
703590-215 (release math/logic 9-16) price on request
703590-214 (math and logic module) price on request
preconfiguration (Service) price on request
deployment of service price on request

Accessory product data sheets

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