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Instruction for beginners and experts

Know-how is in demand not just when manufacturing JUMO products, but also when they are used.
Which is why we make publications on measurement and control system issues available to our customers and interested parties.

With practically relevant explanations, mostly by means of examples, and numerous illustrations, they are easy to understand.
The issues are largely dealt with independently of any vendor and are well-structured.

You can download the documents free of charge from this website, and they are also available in book form.
JUMO can supply you direct, or you can use the ISBN numbers to order from any bookstore.

Control technology

Temperature measurement technology

Conductivity and ultra-pure water

pH value and redox potential

Ammonia measurement

Free chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone

Concentration of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid

Explosion protection

SCR Power controllers

Functional safety (SIL)