More than sensors+automation

Repair service

Fast and cost-optimised!

Our power spectrum

  • express service; repair within two to three work days
  • retrofit of options
  • upgrades/updates of hardware and software
  • Back-up of your customised configuration data
  • Repair report
  • creation of a cost estimate

Your advantages

  • fast
  • cost efficient
  • no excessive flat rates
  • warranty on the repairs carried out

Returns, repairs, conversions or re-calibrations

In order to ensure an immediate processing of your return, please print out the liked covering letter with declaration of decontamination below and include it correctly completed with your shipping documents, or - even better - attach it to the outside of the packaging.

Send your product to the following address:

JUMO GmbH & Co. KG
Reparaturzentrum [Repair Centre]
Mackenrodtstra├če 14
36039 Fulda

If requested, you will receive a cost estimate. We will repair our product according to work time/spare parts, not on the basis of excessive flat rates. During the warranty time, you will receive a detailed service report.

We also come to your premises:
The possibility of on-site repairs is given for the repair of devices/modules that cannot be removed and returned for technical reasons.


Thomas A. Stumpf
Phone: +49 661 6003-2567
Fax: +49 661 6003-882567