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JUMO Flip Chip measures precisely and reliably

Space-Saving Platinum Temperature Sensor for Circuit Boards

The new JUMO Flip Chip temperature sensor was designed for automated placement on circuit boards. The chip sensor's contact is on one side and processed within tight tolerances. It therefore requires significantly less space on the circuit board than a standard component so that it is particularly suited to situations with limited installation space.


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The chip sensor has an insulating surface on the back cover. This means that it can be directly attached to a casing wall because – unlike chip sensors with contacts on both sides – the risk of short-circuiting does not exist here.

The sensor can be soldered with lead-free, leaded, or even high-temperature solder without restriction thanks to its gold-plated nickel contact. It demonstrates good processing results for reflow soldering and is also suitable for conductive gluing.

The nickel contact's gold plating also protects it from oxidation. This has a positive effect on its storage capacity and processing results.

The JUMO Flip Chip is available in the standard nominal values Pt100, Pt500, and Pt1000 as well as in the tolerance class F 0.3. Additional values are available upon request.

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